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Volvo Penta Diesel Sterndrives

The Volvo Penta line-up of diesel sterndrive packages is second to none. The common rail diesel engines are marine diesels, developed and produced by Volvo Penta exclusively for marine applications. The DPH Duoprop drive is the most robust and reliable sterndrive available anywhere. It is built to handle the torque and power of the engines and delivers outstanding efficiency at all speeds. Providing safe driving and maneuvering, even in rough sea conditions.

Smart features
There are plenty of features that add to performance and handling. Most of them are now integrated in the controls, providing a new level of simplicity at the helm. Here are some highlights.
Powertrim Assistant automatically gives you the best possible drive trim. The result is a perfect running attitude for optimum performance and low fuel consumption.

Joystick Docking is an amazing feature for sterndrive twin-installations. It lets you move in new ways, by just pointing the joystick in the direction you want to go. Docking and maneuvering has never been more intuitive.

The 7" color display gives you perfect overview, with a full color interface and intuitive menus.

Single-lever mode lets you control all engines with one lever. Easy and precise even in rough seas.

Cruise control is a new feature that provides fingertip control of engine rpm, letting you optimize fuel economy.

Volvo Penta Diesel Sterndrives

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